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I’ve just deployed the final chunk of the new site design, thus bringing the focus of the site in line with the main business function of

That being, to showcase our games to potential sponsors and licensees, so that they’ll buy customize versions and thus the cycle of capitalistic life will be complete, hooray.

More incremental updates will trickle in from here, but by and large the design is complete.

We’re closing in on a Primary sponsor for our latest game (Now with 3000% more ninja goodness), and once the negotiations and customizations are completed, that one will finally be unveiled to the world.  Good times.

The process of creating this game has been very enlightening for me personally, and has opened some doors that make the prospect of cranking out content at a much faster rate a real possibility.

I’m a coder/designer (and marketer) really,  anything that involves picking apart logic problems and discerning patterns to ferret out solutions is my wheelhouse, not so much with creating unique art from scratch.

Sure, procedurally generated assets are do-able, and abstract interface elements are something that my skillset allows for (hence the site re-design) but character drawings, compositing a landscape, or sketching out pretty much anything that lives and breaths just ain’t gonna happen.

Recognizing that limitation, the soon to be announced/released title is the first project on which I’ve worked with an artist, rather than trying to stretch my skillset in that, rather painful, direction.

The presentation and design of the game as well as the design and development process have all benefited, and I  am very pleased with the results.

The artist and co-designer I’m working with is an old friend who happens to be a ridiculously talented, Alex Rodriguez.  We’ve already moved on to design and development of our next title, so keep an eye on this space for further announcements about the soon-to-be-released and future project updates.

-Joe out.