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Plunk Pool 2 Launched!

Whew. Well after a ridiculously long development cycle and sponsor hunt Plunk Pool 2 is now live!

I haven’t really chatted on here about the Plunk Pool games, which is an unfortunate oversight on my part,  as they really have been an interesting experience, from which I have learned a bit about the business of flash games.

To be honest, my first love is the more involved and intricate games, an RTS, a dungeon crawling adventure, something along those lines.  The Plunk Pool games are essentially an exploration of genres that I myself wouldn’t get deeply into (puzzle and/or sports games) but that I know do well and have a wider appeal.

So far, the ”franchise’ has done pretty well.  The original Plunk Pool game has registered well over 3 million plays, and the second plunk pool will no doubt do the same (once a few key portal versions go live later this week hopefully)

They were really fun games to make, much to my surprise, and writing the physics engine taught me alot about geometry and Actionscript optimizations.   I may be coming back to these games eventually, if time allows, but the next project will have more in common with the dark and scary theme than the family friendly generic game theme.

I’ve put LotD2 on hold for the time being to work on a couple slightly less ambitious projects that are in the chute now.

The most immediate project is still too early in production to announce, but if all goes smoothly, it will be the first project on which I have collaborated with an honest to bob artist, rather than relying on my unpracticed art skills to get the job done.

More to come…