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Oh My.

Well hello there.

I’ve been gifted recently with a rather enthusiastic group of commentators it seems, thanks for reading guys.

Largely because of their enthusiasm, I feel compelled to drop a quick update, and chat a bit about the nature of the game projects.

First off, the update:

Level Editor.  There I said it, and I’m not ashamed.  I am working on the Level Editor, and will be using it to generate all content for the games.  As development continues, I plan on integrating the editor either into the final games, or as a standalone flash app, which will push user created levels into a database for the games to consume… We’ll see how that develops.

I’ve been wrestling with a number of technical issues related to the level editor (texture placement,psuedo 3-d level objects in a 2 dimensional game space, etc),  problems which, given the side-project nature of the game development currently, present a challenge mostly in finding a large enough block of time to allow for me to load all the data into my head and get in ‘the zone’ enough to actually get work done.  I’m a natural complicator, and I tend to build engines which I then use build actual things, rather than just hack and slash my way to a working product… it’s a symptom of my day job (corporate systems programming).  Because of this, I can’t just dart in and hack together some code, then dart out again and expect anything to make sense later, so that’s been a fun challenge in it’s own way.

Now a few words about the ‘side project’ nature of the current game development…  Due to pressing money concerns, I’ve been forced to spend the bulk of my free time working on an as yet unannounced project, that stands a better chance of paying the immediate bills than casual game development.  As such, my time to work on the increasingly complex game engine has been reduced to a minimum.

So, while I do apologize for the long drawn out development cycle to those who are anticipating the game, I can’t really promise that it will be forthcoming soon, due to the aforementioned money/more lucrative projects.  At the end of the day,  my hope is that this other venture will provide the cushion needed to let me really focus on my passion for crafting games, and even allow me to focus on what’s fun (making some more grandiose games, such as massive RTSs and things like that), rather than what’s most profitable right now.

Also, I’ll be endeavoring to update more frequently here, and actually put together some articles about lessons learned.  I’ll probably even chat about the Plunk Pool game (soon to be plural), and the lessons I’ve learned there.

Stay Tuned.