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Short and sweet.

Rolled out the first iteration of the new site design for Luncheon Of The Dead.

This will represent the new template within which all the future games will be published.

As it uses PNG for all the graphic resources, IE 6 and below does not look very good at all. Get Firefox.

Go check it out

Faster and prettier

Mini update!

I fixed a glitch in the pathfinding scheduling, so that framerates should improve with larger numbers of zombies on screen (end game scenarios).

Also, after receiving some great feedback from the Mochi forums, I’ve added a tooltip feature when multiple units are selected, so one can more easily pick out the individual unit from a group.

Quick Start info has been added to the difficulty selection screen, so first time players will have some streamlined help whether they want it or not :p

Although there area a lot more features that I would like to introduc, I think anything new will have to wait for the sequel. Oh, and I’ve started work on the next project…muwahaha.

Go Play.

-Joe out.