Now with 1 kajillion% more sound! (and a shinier brain)

I finally got around to implementing sound (and a widget to control volume) in the game, as well as a shinier and more polished looking Head Meat Games splash screen at the beginning of the game. All completely aesthetic.

Oh yeah, I did retool the attack cycle mechanics so that the units will attack at the first opportunity rather than waiting for their arbitrary attack slot. I’m most probably the only person on the planet that will notice this.

That is all. Go Play.


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  1. Marc Wood
    3 April 12:35 am

    This Game Is A Fun Game But There Should Be End In Nights Where You Could Go Out And Look For More Survivors To Help You. It Would Be Better. But I Like It Cause You Get To Control Soldiers Against Zombies, Not Be A Lone Person Fighting By And For Yourself.

  2. 3 June 11:48 am

    one of the best zoombie games.

    Andrews /

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