Feeding the Back

well, I have made a few more (largely aesthetic) changes to the game thanks to the feedback provided by the loverly folks over at the Ars Technica forums at this thread (by the by, if you don’t subscribe to their various RSS feeds. DO SO! it’s consistently good stuff in my humble opinion)

Essentially, I reintroduced some higher res sprites, that I had previously down res-ed in my quest for performance, turned out I was optimizing the wrong bottleneck. So that mistake has been repaired.

Also, the embed size of the flash movie at the game page has been restored to it’s full size 800×640 glory. I am assuming that the type of folks who will be playing this will have monitor resolutions larger than 1024×768 so as to accommodate the larger size, if not, comment and I will see what I can do.

I got rid of the Chiller font in the in game HUD items, as it was not terribly readable 🙁 I don’t know why I had clung to that choice until this point…maybe just amateur petulance. Live and learn.

Also, I changed the selection mechanic for Defenders so that it auto-queues the move command when selecting units. Subsequent move command must be queued up normally, or one can re-click the unit to re-select it and re-queue the move command. Confused? Just try it out and it will make sense. This was the compromise brought about by the fact that Flash monopolizes the right click in it’s player context menu (right click normally being used to issue command in a RTS) and the left click (typically used to de-select all units and do camera movement or building placement in RTS) is the only way to interact mouse-click-wise. So I had to go with this less than perfect compromise. But it is an improvement, so life goes on with another note made in the ‘Idiosyncrasies of Flash Game Development’ list I keep in my head.

That sums it up for now. Now Go Play

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