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Now with 1 kajillion% more sound! (and a shinier brain)

I finally got around to implementing sound (and a widget to control volume) in the game, as well as a shinier and more polished looking Head Meat Games splash screen at the beginning of the game. All completely aesthetic.

Oh yeah, I did retool the attack cycle mechanics so that the units will attack at the first opportunity rather than waiting for their arbitrary attack slot. I’m most probably the only person on the planet that will notice this.

That is all. Go Play.


Oh, the humanity.

Just rolled out another fairly massive update. Much like a glacier, the bulk of the changes are below the surface.

That means improvements to the game generally speaking, but the core gameplay remains relatively unchanged.

The biggest difference is that there are now 4 difficulty levels to choose from, hopefully satisfying the power gamers and the n00bs alike.

I had to overhaul the High Scores database to accommodate this change, and have updated the High Scores Page (in a ham-fisted sort of way for the time being) to display the new tiered score system.

An overhaul of the main site is in order shortly, to replace the fairly amateur looking front page that I threw together in between the ticks. Keep an eye out for that.

I think that sums it up for now… Go Play.

Check out the size of my…Update.

It’s huge. Ridiculous really. I mean, it’s fairly indecent to discuss the girth of this update in casual company. Truly vulgar.

I’ve just finished implementing a MASSIVE update to the game engine, effectively changing the entire focus of the game. The quick and dirty version of the changed is that I’ve added a ‘tech tree’ giving players an upgrade path for almost every tool in their arsenal of zombie killing goodness.

Now for the more detailed breakdown.

These upgrades (outlined in the embedded instructions of the game) allow you to update global properties of Debris (making it tougher) and Molotovs (giving them a larger area of effect…kaboom!), as well as upgrading the raw firepower of your individual Defenders (in the form of damage per shot, and rate of fire), as well as their max health and scrounging skills.

The Max health is a relevant change for survival as well, I’ll go into that in a second.

So basically these upgrades (which have a cost per level in Ammo, Medikits and Debris) give you something to do with the mounds of supplies harvested that exceed the bare minimum needed to survive. The Defender upgrades are applied on an individual basis, so you can make a few super-soldiers and a few harvesting machines, or spread the love around evenly, or anywhere in between.

Now, as for the max health, that relates to a change in the mechanics for taking damage. Previously, if a defender was damaged, and reduced to zero health, it would still heal the damage if there was a ready supply of medikits. NOW, if a defender takes damage that DOES NOT REDUCE IT TO ZERO HEALTH, healing will still happen. However, if a defender is ‘killed’ in one hit, that’s all folks. So you have to upgrade toughness to keep from being one shotted by powerful zombies as they get tougher as the game progresses.

Oh yeah, I’ve also redone the graphics for the zombies and defenders, so they are not quite so small, and are more well defined. The stores have been opened up just a tad, and I think that should eliminate all of the cheesy terrain exploits that were inherent to the more closed floor-plan of yore.

Numerous small bugs have been fixed as well, such as the problems reported with lazy defenders that had to be jump started from time to time, and an option to set graphics quality has been added to UI. So for those with slower machines, try toggling to ‘Low’ quality to increase framerates.

There are a few miscellaneous polish items added as well, but not worth enumerating here.

That should sum it up… now Go Play.