Surprise surprise…new version out here.

Now the mallscape has been populated with quite a lot more decoration and strategic obstacles, shelving, cash registers, benches and counters and such. I’ll no doubt be adding more cosmetic details to the obstacles in the stores, but their placement should remain the same (assuming nothing proves to be too exploitable). It adds a new level of thought to placing your troops within the map, and really helps to finish the look of the terrain.

Additionally, the game mechanics have been tweaked. Zombie movement speeds are more variable, and generally slower, which makes for a more traditional lumbering horde I feel. The path finding process has been reworked to clear up a few bugs with cliques of zombies crowding into immovable little groups.

Oh yeah, the hard cap on the zombie population has been doubled from 100 to 200, and the graphics have been tweaked to allow for much smoother frame rates throughout the game. Hooray for performance!

The High Score board now records ‘time played’, which is a measure of how much time was spent actively playing the game (paused time does not count towards this time, so no free padding!). That adds another axis along which to compete, good times.

I think that sums it up for now… go play

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