The beatings will continue until morale improves.

So I’ve rolled out a new version of Luncheon of the Dead Here.

There is still a fair amount of placeholder art in there, and I realized that I have completely neglected sound, but it’s incredibly close to being complete. I suppose that the silence is a side effect of me always playing flash games with the sound muted by default. I’m debating on whether it is truly necessary at this point, so I won’t be too crushed if the game remains silent into the final release, we’ll see.

Even though the idea was to spend the next few weeks polishing, putting a version out there now has some stronger pros than cons at this point. The biggest ‘Pro’ being that it has helped motivate the dash to the finish line. If there’s a chance that anyone could stumble across it without the benefit of my ‘it’s still a work in progress’ disclaimer text, that sort of gets my butt in gear to get on with the polishing already.

That’s about all at this point. This and recent posts have been uninformative and self indulgent, I’ll be the first to admit. However, after all my free time being consumed with the actual work, it’s difficult to regurgitate the minutia of that experience without getting burned out. Future posts will be more interesting, and hopefully will allow for dialogs about interesting topics, I promise.


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