Timidity prevails.

So, not unlike a quickly sobering bar fly, I have decided to put ‘the girls’ away. The pre-pre-Alpha has been taken offline, after having gathered some feedback and info from the select small group of folks that even know this project exists at this point.

I was made aware of some fairly serious performance issues in the game engine, mostly due to pathfinding. So I’ve retooled the guts a bit to allow more graceful scheduling of that most processor intensive part of the engine, and that should help pep things up a bit when the zombie count gets ridiculous.

At this point I’m implementing a rudimentary animation engine, so the action will get a bit prettier in future iterations. I’m wary that the increased prettiness will have a hefty performance cost, so we’ll have to see what trade-offs prove to be worthwhile as the situation develops.

I anticipate that I have another month of development before I’m ready to unleash the game. I was hoping for a shorter time line, but I want to be sure it’s done properly. Hell, a month may even be optimistic, but I’m going to cling that hope never the less.

Aaaaand, I think that wraps it up for now.

Move along citizens, nothing to see here.

-Joe out.

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